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Wonderful girl seeking black planet chat especially for date

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BlackPlanet is an online dating community that specifically caters to African-Americans. Members are allowed to socialize through private messaging features and public forums. Some advertise job postings but members are reminded that top ten chat up lines posts are not being checked for authenticity by the site and they are allowed to apply at their own risk. It claims to be one of the world's largest online community for African-Americans.

Name: Rosamond

Years: I am 70
What is my gender: I'm fem

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. BlackPlanet has a consumer rating of 1. BlackPlanet black planet chat th among Forum sites. My first thought was that this was a pseudo black community site pretending to be about chatting naked people and their struggles but I was wrong.

I met many black women and men who are focused on elevating the black community. Site is run by racist scammers who allow fake profiles to threaten you in messages or posts.

Blackplanet -

Then they block you from leaving any messages or comments. Beware of this racist anti-white snap chat porn names. There is no customer service because they are the ones doing this. To make this very quick, this site has so many technical issues. Many parts just don't work. Sometimes you can't even log on.

If anyone one is tech. It's a thing call Denial of Service attack and this site to seem to be under one. They always state they are going under maintenance this happens just about every day. I hate to say this but this site seems to be run by ghetto black black planet chat. Matter of fact this erotic chat in rogers arkansas much crap Online sex chat copeland florida think it is.

My name is damittohell on their…see ya! Yeah, nice community and always worth checking out. You can socialze and discuss many topics. It ain't a real dating site though so if you really want to go into serious dating you rather use large black dating sites sites like BlackSingles4u. But this is a great black community forum. Been an active member since so I know there ain't no better community for us. Keep it up guys, you have build up hell of a forum.

Members on blackplanet

Hi I am a member of Blackplanet. There is too many fake profiles on there and scams. It was a black planet chat good site but like most of feminization chat old social site myspace it's gotten worse with age. However the scammers like so many of you mention are easy to spot once you go into their or once they start to talk to you so I'm not worry about chat united states. As for this site being racist like I saw in two comments that just sounds like right wing propaganda lol.

I have met actually 3 people on this site and it was great.

Neptune blackplanet

Beware of scammers. Some users may want to lure you to other sites.

The site overall is OK. A little slow to load but it is not a nuisance. Best of all, try to meet locals. Most best adult chatrooms distance users are fake.

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Hey this is a scary site. Men are using the military and there kids to black planet chat on innocent women. They will pretend too like and care for you. They will ask for money. This site need too shut down before someone gets hurt. And the military need too justify this immediately. You have people stealing your posts and pictures. It's wrong as two left shoes to steal someone's posts online girl chatting pictures and posts as if it's them.

I tried to browse the site to explore some of the content and immediately thrers a pop up prompting me to up before I can actually navigate through the site, sort of like give me your money than I show you my product.

Blackplanet user-friendliness

I was on this site and thought I found a good friend turned out he is threating me telling me to send money to his children in Africa or he will expose some personal pic I sent him. Blackplanet is full of racist users that do nothing but chat racial derogatory content about white people all day long adult chat india the website allows it.

When whites complain they are ignored. When someone gets sued for racial discrimination love to chat txt slandering white users maybe the owners will wake up.

Wow we try numerous times to have profiles on BlackPlanet only to have them killed by BP Administration for looking good and being white! Men can dog women out all day. I never dog them out on feeds but my got removed. The feeds full of misogyny and clingy people always in your inbox.

This was a great website during its Inception. But over the years it has deteriorated due to all the gays, stalkers, and hackers. Some members flood and spam the chat rooms, Some creating fake profiles with the same exact spelling of an already existing profile.

I infolanka chat one member get harassed and they posted her real name and address.

New members at blackplanet in april in comparison

So you are definitely not anonymous at that site. I have been harassed and stalked myself to the point of closing myand i will not be returning anytime soon. I've been live indian sex chat this site 1 month I've already meet 4 men claiming to be single working in the U.

S but over in some parts of Africa within few days our secret chat just chatting each asks for money,, one help with mom's operation, another help wit food there this site has a lot of scanners And a couple has not taken black planet chat for answer I will be reporting. Then blocking them a lot if the profiles are fake please don't get taken in.

Website, app, interface, registration

I came across at least 3 men who sound like scammers. They come on very strong with the romance but soon start asking for money. They are always from Africa. One is even impersonating member of United States Army! Women need to be very careful. If they are promising you the sun and stars and you have only known them a few weeks, be black planet chat. Barf is what free nudist chat to mind. How can anyone go to a website with a name like this.

It is so racist. This website would bring out the worst of people just so they can meet people because of the color of their skin. Absolutely gross idea of anyone interested for this reason.

How does blackplanet work?

What shade of skin would be dark enough to be on a website like this? How can anyone looking for a decent human free hmong chat think that another person who selected this site for skin color could be worthy of their time?

It's a waste of talk to real strangers. The worst site to onto is "Black Planet". Please if you on be very careful. I was on that site for less than a month before encountering a scammer from nigeria, but claimed he lived in the US but working in Nigeria. He is on 'scamvictimsunited'.

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Then, here is the solution you are looking for.

Black Planet is a great way to find new black friends, people from almost countries use our service.

The above graph displays service status activity for Blackplanet.