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Insomnia and sleep specialist. Night Writer for night owls, insomniacs, and other denizens of the night. Possibly the first magazine to be sex chat room cabazon by night people for night people. Issues of interest to insomniacs, workers on the graveyard shift, and other night owls. Do you want your insomnia mentioned in the new links section?

Name: Anabel

Age: I am 31
Ethnic: Slovak
Sexual identity: Guy
What is my gender: Lady
What I like to listen: Pop
Other hobbies: Fishing

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Was just wondering the longest time you guys have stayed awake for. I've been up for 36 hours now, starting to feel a little fuzzy xD My longest is around hours which was This post has been edited by a member of staff Ruto because of a violation of the free slut chat chambana missed connections rules.

Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. I used to work graveyard shift when I insomniac chat room just moved to California a few years ago, I worked from 10PM until 7AM the next morning, I lived with my boyfriend's family louisville chats since my room was right near the busiest room in the house the kitchenalong with the fact that he has an extremely loud and easily excitable 3 year old brother, it goes without saying that I got very little sleep on a regular basis.

Most of the time I ran on hours of a sleep every day and energy shots, but one time, when I caught whatever common cold that was floating around at the time, the discomfort added with all of the hustle and bustle sex chat chattanooga an zee on outside of my room had me awake for literally three days straight. It was probably the most miserable time I have experience in my life, and I didn't have anymore call outs left, so I was forced to go to work as well.

Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. I usually sleep very well, very deeply, I fall asleep easily, never mind how noisy the surroundings are. It's just because of my job insomniac chat room lots of deadlines and every now and then I'm not ready in time so I have to work at night. So far the longest was a day, the night, the following day and next night up to now free chat early morning so that's something like 40 hours. It was easier when Xxx chat date sharon connecticut was younger though :.

I've never really technically stayed up for hours straight - I'd slept a few hours in between all of it - but when I was coming back from Australia, I barely got any sleep on the plane and hardly any while I stayed at the hotel because it was too hot in the room for me insomniac chat room fall asleep, so I ended up staying up for Perhaps more.

I'm starting to think that hours is a lot more serious than I ly thought now xD.

By the end of sprint chat I had to take sleeping pills cause I think my body had forgotten what sleep was, haha. I've had sleeping chat room safety all my life, and I have what looks like nightmare disorder so sometimes I'm afraid ri chat room going to sleep. I used to have moderate insomnia. I'd manage to sleep most nights, but only for a few hours.

The longest Insomniac chat room stayed awake is probably in the neighborhood of 40 hours. These days I rarely have sleeping problems, though. I try pretty hard to keep my sleep regular, actually, because it messes with me if I don't.

Trouble sleeping (insomnia)

Some people can function fine pulling f2m chat all-nighter, and I could probably do it once in a blue moon, but if I'm not getting regular sleep for a while it's not mocha chat room. I can't even imagine that.

I have this talent where I can fall asleep anywhere, regardless of the surroundings. I like my sleep.

I can hardly go for 12 hours without getting sleep, let alone ten times that at xD. I'm the same way as jennybean In college there was one weekend a year where I'd go 46 hours without sleep on my feet the entire time. Our school has the largest student-run philanthropy in the US - a 46 hour dance marathon where students spend 46 on their feet as a show of support for sex chat online darien georgia with pediatric cancer.

Insomniac chat room never danced myself, but I was always there in support : Aside from willingly depriving myself from sleep for that I'm an old woman at heart haha. I suffer from insomnia it runs in my familybut the longest I've gone insomniac chat room sleep is about hours back in uni since I was pulling all nighters and struggling with a lot of mental health problems. It's gotten worse now, since I'm now stressing about job hunting and worried I won't be ever able to find one It's a vicious cycle.

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The longest I've gone without sleep was 36 hours In general I sleep well but I do go into random bouts of insomnia. I'm used to being functional on little sleep due to my school and work schedule so I totally free chat line phone numbers to not be too effected by the lack of sleep when I go through those moments. Wow, I really hope you'll get some rest soon! I'd be so miserable.

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That all started from school projects, and finals. LOL Saxen, I feel your pain on this one. Minus a 1 day fluke where I got to sleep somewhere before 5am. STILL don't know what's throwing weed chat room off.

Too heppner chatting xxx it was a weekend. Last time I saw on my alarm, this was back when I was in high school, was pm Saturday night. My longest time awake was when I was in 5th grade. I'm terrible with remembering exact years lol Anyway, there was this farewell marathon of Mr. Ed episodes on xxx chat date sharon connecticut Nick at Nite network.

Nickelodeon's night insomniac chat room programming back thenand being a fan of horses, especially the ones that TALK, I watched pretty much every episode.

Cub chat it went from dusk to dawn, I didn't get any sleep chat with matures on Monday, and ending Friday morning. So that's 5 days straight, while I was in 5th grade for 5 minutes. That's a LOT of 5s!

LOL I'm not even sure how many hours that is off-hand, too tired to do the math right now. Fun side-note, the guy who played Mr. Found a neat website with some interesting media from his years in acting and voice-acting. Saxen that is very impressive. My longest is five days, i was Everything was definitely weird.

Cure to insomnia

But i also am a different creature, i only need 4 hours of sleep and insomniac chat room can bust my butt all day!! This was me when I was vibeline phone chat culinary school. Around 4 days in I had to drink red bull every day just to function properly :P Not that I didn't try to free mobile text sex chat in argeriz, I did, but I'd lie awake the entire night and not fall asleep at all, so come morning I'd still have had no sleep.

My friends can't forget it. After about 6 days they couldn't talk to me anymore an I looked like a freakin zombie.

Anxiety chat room

I literally had to drink 2 bottles of vodka to pass out into some form of sleep. It's gotten better ever since.

Now I normally get around 6-ish hours if I'm lucky, but normally about 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep, until my brain decides it's time to wake up and be semi-functional again. I don't like sleeping pills because I don't want to be reliant on medication, so insomniac chat room I'll lie awake half the night until I drift off, then before I know it, time to be up again, haha.

I'm almost the same as you Saxen, kinda creepy actually However as I got older, I either deal with most of my dreams mostly the nightmaresor control them the better off ones, if I have them. Any longer than that and it's just total system failure for just about anyone. I'm either up for long periods of time, or sleeping like I haven't in weeks. My body doesn't know what it wants, or I'm just not listening properly. Most likely the latter. I haven't ever been up with NO sleep whatsoever for longer insomniac chat room maybe 2 days or so, but I did spend a pretty miserable couple weeks last chritian chat with VERY minimal sleep.

I was having horrible asthma and as it turns out now, some heart problems that prevented me from sleeping any more than half an hour to an hour or two a night, if at all, and whatever sleep I got was very disrupted. The asthma caused it, and the lack of sleep made the asthma worse, and the asthma being online math help free chat made chats guadalajara sleep worse, and Towards the end of this ordeal I also insomniac chat room the joyful experience of finding out what a migraine is like on top of all that.

I also discovered how very little time it takes to lose weight and muscle mass if you don't eat paginas de chat gratuitas and hardly ever get up, let alone exercise. I eventually got out of this nasty cycle with heavy duty sleep meds.

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