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I am just chat i m so bored guy that wants chill



in. Everyone wants to be funny. Really, we do.

Name: Domini

What is my age: I'm over twenty
Nationality: Italian
I like to drink: Red wine
I prefer to listen: Blues
I like: Diving

To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewerand support Mumsnet. I am a nice person and people seem to like me but I just feel I have no depth. Can I chat en vivo sexo this in any way?

Feeling increasingly sad and alone. I have 4dc, 3 of whom are adult, and they all live at home. So home life is fairly busy but not much apart from that. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight.

1. make your goals spicy.

You must be interested in something? Naked women live chat preferences for what you watch on tv or listen to music wise? Not every person is a hobby or group person. I like to read.

A free chat have to be good though. Can you a book group, maybe online? Boring people talk about make up and celebs in my view. You don't sound boring at all, what kind of "putting yourself out there" are you thinking of? Finding more friends, or a group to belong to or a partner?

You don't need to appeal to a mass amount of people. My one bit of excitement in a week is going to a slimming group. I late night sex chat to read too, and am happiest in my own little fictional world. Sending you a hug. I just think you need one. I'm such a hypocrite really just chat i m so bored I have free friend chat room out of the habit of talking to people.

Also reading, stupid internet. What's a good book you have read lately? I feel like this too op. I've got a shit job, no particular skills, I dress boringly, don't go anywhere, don't have interests!!!

I do have some friends but mainly talk about babies or partners. You don't sound like a boring person though op. Chat apps to meet friends someone enjoys celebrity gossip magazines and that sort of thing, I find them boring. I like Georgette Heyer, and most years at about this time I start to re-read her stuff.

I know it's a best sex chat obvious but would you consider a book club? It depends what you like about reading, and the clubs vary hugely and also change over time.

It has changed out of all recognition but i still go and i absolutely love it. People were always friendly but it was probably about 3 years before i felt id made some friends there.

Being bored and lonely is normal! chatting with others can really help

But i love talking about the books, ive read lots of things i would never have picked up, and i love hearing about my friends' lives and jobs, ive learned all sorts. Something else to consider is radio or podcasts. I certainly haven't listened to them all, i dip in and out. We could have a "who's the most boring? I'm retired, have a dp, cats, and a dog, but apart from TV, internet and grandchildren, no hobbies. Just potter from day, crush advice chat day, to day No one who likes Georgette Heyer is going to be boring! Do your friends know that you would like to meet someone?

That can be a good way of either just chat i m so bored suggestions for activities or introductions to people. Get yourself on pof, it's not ideal and you will get lot of odd people, skype chat lines it's brilliant and free for just chatting to people.

The block button is never far away and you never know who you could meet. The words nose, face, spite and cutting off come to mind! I like the idea of podcasts though - thank you. Ah well. I literally have nothing talk text very bored lonely my calendar between now and Xmas for evenings. Sell your ed books and go on a luxury cruise, or adventure holiday. Instead of a book club, how about some sort of adult education group?

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I ed our sex chats krasnodar WEA about a year ago and have done a of short courses, as well as day courses. They're not wildly expensive and you get to meet a lot of interesting people.

All of these tend to attract people who are primarily looking to learn new skils, do new things but without the pressure of actually "meeting people" as such, IYSWIM. I've not got into podcasts yet, but there is some really interesting stuff on TED talks. Georgette Heyer is lovely. Do you have a favourite? memphis chat rooms

Would it be worth seeing if you could volunteer at the library? Combine your love of reading with some new friends? You don't sound boring, you sound gat chat room a lovely warm person.

2. drop the cool act.

Agree you don't sound boring. You sound very self deprecating and your post gave me a wry smile! I am totally boring myself and I used to think it was a terrible thing but do you know, it's not so bad. Mesa friend to talk to certainly not a crime Book group? Outdoor gym? Knit hot water bottle covers for rough sleepers?

Increase your responsibility at your volunteering thing? Are you hoping to meet a new partner? I have low level interests in lots of things but no burning passion iyswim. I have a friend who I admire enormously.

Meet friendly people online

Possibly Frederica. Or The Reluctant Widow maybe. Already have a Mumsnet ? Log in. Talk ยป. And bored. And fed up. First Next Last Go to.

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