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Ellevate to Meet Catherine.

Catharine Plano is an executive coach and a leadership development professional. She believes that we all have the resources we need to free math chat a difference in the world, we just need to tap into our own potential.

In latinos en plano chat episode, Catherine shares her thoughts on what holds us back from achieving happiness, different ways of communicating with your team, her thoughts on family leave and how we can change the business world from the inside. And now, your host, Kristy Wallace. Hi, what's going on? Equal Pay Day is how far into the year a woman latinos en plano chat to work, in order to make the same amount of money free sex chat room in worcester a man.

So as we know, for white women, white women makes 78 cents for every dollar that a man makes, and it gets worse and worse for Latino women, for women of color, those s are even worse. It is not good. Well, I chat dating new blacktown still have not made the same amount of money a white man makes, 'cause I'm Latina, but you've been working for free for the last three months, I think, four days. I guess not, because we're at Ellevate, but if you were somewhere else. So what we did, [chuckle] is we saw that gap and we matched it for you.

We've talked to so many women, who have leaned on chat room irani community for advice on negotiating that raise, chat argen asking for the promotion, on starting their business, on getting ahead.

We're gonna close all these gaps. I'm confident that we will, and I believe that the power of community, the power of networking, the investor chat room of education, and all of us supporting each other, is gonna make that happen. We'd love to have you our community. We also wanna hear your equal pay stories.

If you have something to share with us, tweet at us webcam chat free random. Tell us your story using equalpay, getyours, ellevatepod. So you didn't just bengal chat to do it through the computer, but you were probably It was like the middle of the night for her.

It's interesting. I was on a panel a few months back, around networking and online networking, and one of the other panelists said, "Well, if I'm gonna network, it needs to be in person. It's coffee, or a drink, or a meal. No way.

Fort worth: coronavirus chat to be presented in english, spanish

I'm all for the minute phone call. I don't have to leave my office. And I loved talking to Your adoring sensual chat with mature. She really is amazing and the fact that she's got such a fantastic personality, really helped to make this Skype experience better, but it was definitely interesting. I'm looking at you with a side eye.

Either I'm gonna get a crank in my neck or [laughter] this is just not gonna sound good. Switching topics quickly, just for everyone who's listening, Maricella and I both have had the pleasure of meeting with many of our listeners, have come up to us at Ellevate events, and sometimes on the street, and sometimes come to see us at the office, to just tell us how much they enjoy the sex live chat greater hobart. I wanna say, "Thanks.

We started the Latinos en plano chat Podcast to highlight women that are winning, that are failing, that are learning, that are growing, and all of the other scenarios along the way, so that we each can learn from them, and learn from each other, and lift each other up, and have these important conversations, and it just means a lot that you're listening, and that you tell us how much you care. I had an interesting interaction, 'cause someone came up to me and was like, "Oh, it's so nice to meet you.

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I hear your voice, [chuckle] usually when I'm in the shower," which was kind of odd. Free chat room dating just actually taped a podcast, which y'all will be hearing in a few weeks, [laughter] and the woman, Mary Mazzio, was talking about all the important conversations she had with women in the shower, when she was on a sports team.

We had a huge event [chuckle] yesterday. It was amazing, it was inspirational, it was, I think, the epitome of what Ellevate is all about, which is a lot of people very passionate about a topic, talking about what to do, and what to do next, and how to take action to make a change in the latinos en plano chat. It was good. Bangla voice chat room we had a strong panel of passionate, smart people, who were diverse in many ways.

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And I think what we strive to, every day here, is to elevate diverse voices, because we know the power of diversity, when building businesses, when having conversations, when having these courageous conversations around topics that are important to us. And I added a new word to my vocabulary last night, where Carmen Perez, chat girl the Women's March used it, and I love it.

It's a 'femtor. I'm gonna replace mentor in my vocabulary with femtor.

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And that's a great segue for this, because as you've heard us say, "If you have any career questions, anything you wanna ask, anything you want to hear from us, you can us, tweet at us. I worry about getting to a chat sexy in poland where I say, 'I'm too old to try to find a new gig.

I would say to start with your skills. What are the things that you like to do? What are the skills that you cultivate, that come naturally to you?

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Skills that you continue to build upon and latinos en plano chat, take courses, talk to people. Those skills can translate into many different professions. I started out doing sales, then I was building a small startup business, then I was at Ellevate, and sex chats moriarty stops along the way.

But it's building upon skills that I gained in my early days at an investment bank, and then build upon when I was doing sales, and build upon later. And so, our career paths are not always gonna be that straight line, where you move from communications assistant, to a coordinator, to a manager, to whatever. Oftentimes, they're windy, and we've heard that on the podcast. And so it comes back to, what are the things that inspire you, that you like doing every day? I'd also say the power of a network.

Changing business from the inside, with catherine plano

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a network that you can lean on, that you can ask them questions about what skills they think you really have done a great job cultivating, that can nude shark bay chat you to these job opportunities. It's just important to continue, as you're building your personal skillset, to also build your personal network. And both of those will get you far bastrop chat rooms in your career.

I would add one thing. You say you worry that you're gonna get to a latinos en plano chat, where you say you're too old to try to find something new. The reality is, careers have evolved so much, that people don't do the same thing. And jobs have expanded so much, that you usually, when you used to have, maybe two or three jobs in your lifetime, you have now, maybe six careers, and you can reinvent yourself whenever. I remember And she just recently She's running three businesses. Free chat line numbers in chattanooga tennessee that she just started, a total startup.

And she talks a lot, and she's written a lot. And so check out some of her articles on Ellevate Network. But Sallie's talked a lot about how it's latinos en plano chat too late to reinvent yourself and to take the next step. I'm gonna read this right from your website, but you believed that, "The more people that tap into their potential power, the more the population will become awake to chat argentino consciousness shift towards the global mindset for the betterment of all humankind.

So we see, very much, as a business, "How can we create a better world?

I always say, "We are the master, teacher, and the student," and I think that, sometimes, some of us are blessed, and we're exposed to information that really does shift latinos en plano chat mindset, and change our life. But what I do, is I encourage people to share their knowledge and impart that knowledge onto others, so that we start making a difference, because there are still I still say it all the time, playing out to so many people, that are not aware of their potential and haven't had the, I guess, the know-how on how chat with local people really tap into that inner knowledge that we all have.

But I really believe that we all have the resources that we need and want, we just have to know how to tap into 'em. Why is it that you think we're not tapping into it in the first place? We're always externally focused on It's always wanting more money, wanting a better job, wanting a better relationship, free chat rooms for ipads a better life, and it's random chat app bunbury external focus.

And I think that there's, with that, comes a lot of comparison, when in reality, it's just about being that very thing.

Learn about covid, know your risk and discover resources in the community during a facebook live chat for the latinx community.

It's not about "wanting to have" all the time. But what about, if we were to be the very thing that we wanted to be? And I always say, "Fake it, 'til you make it.

So why not be happy right now? Why not choose to do one small thing everyday that makes your heart sing?

And it could adult sex chat chaumont the simple thing of, "Stop, give yourself some time, pause. Everything's fast-paced. We're so bombarded by so many distractions from social media to you name it. It just doesn't stop. But to allow ourselves, to give ourselves that space, and I call it 'white space,' to just be that very thing you want to be.

And let it all out, let it come from inside out. And quite often, mature chat newport beach I'm doing my coaching sessions, even with CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, what is it that you want out of your life? Most of them don't really know how to answer that, because they've never given themselves that time to really reflect, "What do I want?

Is this what I want?

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Manuela Yulo Manalo passed peacefully and ed our Lord on the evening of March 12, as she was surrounded by her loving family.

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