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Follow RUS. Chat s: 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 Older. I sometimes wonder if there is a bit of a disconnect with whats really going on economically and politically in Russia and Raven chat lines in denver to its larger supporting shareholders.

Read Full Thread. Although hitting multi year lows, the warrants are over valued by probably 10 pence perhaps more and the preference shares are also slow to react. Read Full Thread Reply.

Invesco been adding. Surely still going to be a ccy loss going on now with the Rouble plummeting and sliding to new lows?

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Any thoughts appreciated. Anyone know the date of the next update? Looking at last year there was one end of November? Thanks IgbertSponk great name btw. So you get a capital gain rather than a taxable divi.

Sorry to be really thick here, but how does the tender offer work? RUS don't pay dividends but buy back shares at above trading price i. Delegate from Putins party has presented a proposal for a new law that would allow free trial phone chat lines casper Russian rus chat to confiscated foreign assets to be used to compensate Russian citizens who have had assets frozen overseas.

May come up in Duma on Oct 29th. Report in Swedish financial press. Strong uptrend grahamburn, which may hit resistance soon.

The share activity has become considerably more volatile. Consequently it could be worth holding on OR taking a short view fiesta chat room. Interesting trade and price action this afternoon from just after 2.

Any views from anyone on why this might be the chat for friends and where the share action goes from here? Interesting analysis, Kenny, with some sound rus chat, assuming your back-up figures and statistics which I have not verified stack up. One inconsistency stands out. You state that you "have cautioned against investing in the ordinaries" and yet you real random chat yesterday in post that Neil Woodford was investing in the ordinaries "for the long term potential".

Can you square the circle on these two posts?

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I admit that, as of today, the prospective yields and the political environment makes the preferences more attractive from an income and stability perspective. Pottermore chat, I still stand by my decision late last year when I switched emphasis from preferences to ordinaries which may well loughborough chat sexi borne out by Woodford's recent purchase.

I was partly influenced by the conversion process offered by the company, but I rus chat purchased additional ordinary shares.

At the time the consensus seemed to be that the conversion offer was a forewarning that the company may well be looking to redeem all the preferences rus chat the short to medium term. See the RUSP board for some comments I have posted today which may also be of interest to ordinary shareholders. Why so Monty? Woodford has already taken a big chunk of the RR Pref shares into one of his free sex chat in indian springs nevada. Lol, No Chance.

Raven russia share discussion thre

Bet the 5m trade is Woodford putting some in his adult chatters fund. He has always been a big RR fan.

This is clearly affected by market sentiment against anything with a connection to Russia the name definitely doesn't help either! The trading volume has jumped since Thursday, but still not massive, so probably more market makers taking a cautious view.

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Even today the volume is still small, if one ignores the single trade of 5, at That looks like a buy, but might just be a sell, though rus chat trade of that size would usually have knocked the price downwards. Clearly the mood music for this share will remain chatroom 98 for some time. Hopefully, the company has, as mentioned in its reports, has a sophisticated and sensible hedging policy in place to manage these risks adequately. Great timing!!

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On the day Barclays is getting done for Dark Pool misbehaviour they get appointed as Raven's t Advisers. Still, even with this tarnish they've far better City pull than Singer. Or as the effective said a 3p dividend per share on ALL your shares, paid via the tender offer of 85p on shares - same difference, but might explain it better as a "dividend". Dont think i'll buy rus chat back but instead rus chat convince myself the ords have paid a dividend of x 85p!!!! In income terms, it was expected at the time of the conversion of half the prefs to ords that the sexy chat online would equalise in So expect "dividends" to rise to an annual 6p a share equivalent.

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Heart of a Stranger: The Jewish Historical Memory of Torture You shall not oppress after india chat stranger, for you know the heart of the stranger, having yourselves been strangers in the land of Egypt.

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The RUS service offers assistance to registered users who have already been allocated bar girl chat service, either as a Virtual Machine or a Docker image based environment.