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Have questions sex live chat room the T-Mobile and Sprint merger? You'll find answers to frequently asked questions here. Check out our 5G details. With a few exceptions, our stores and store employees can now serve Sprint and T-Mobile customers.

Name: Carline

What is my age: 20
What is my gender: Fem

And now he has been plunged into a Sprint customer service nightmare. Can we help?

About three weeks ago, I called the Sprint customer service line and complained that my bills were too high. I was satisfied and hoped it would go well.

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A couple of days later my wife stopped into a Sprint store just to upgrade her phone and get a new one. After three days of them messing with my plan, my plan was reverted back to the plan I was on before the original call.

The store never tried to resolve the issue. I called back real chat with strangers the customer support line and asked them to fix my plan and after many minutes of messing with it the sprint chat could not figure out how to do it and told me that I would need an escalation to management.

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She put in the escalation and told me someone would call me within three days. Ten days later, no one had called me and my plan is still the same. I called back in today and the person transferred me to another department.

That sprint chat put me on hold for 20 min and then hung up on me. I have been a loyal Sprint customer since and this is how they treat me? Maybe they know what customer service is. Can you get me out of this Sprint customer service nightmare?

Sprint should have kept its word and lowered your bill as promised. By sprint chat way, I agree with you that cell phone bills are way too high. But to me, this looks like a trap deed to squeeze more money out local sex chat in covington kentucky you.

And a clumsy one, at that.

You did all of the negotiating by phone. How do you prove a representative made the offer?

What’s your problem?

I love the resolution on this case. You found the Sprint customer chat with random people app contacts on my consumer advocacy site and sent a brief, polite to them. You heard back from them within a few hours and the company quickly agreed to honor your original agreement.

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Have a question about your Sprint bill service, or device?

Our retail stores have temporarily adjusted their services.

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Live chat with Sprint by following these instructions.