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Courtney Illinois chat lines Host : Hello and welcome. This series begins new conversations and continues the important ones, all deed to keep you well, physically and mentally featuring our Sanford Health experts. This episode continues the conversation about the Integrated Health Therapist program at Sanford Health. After my last episode chatting with clinical psychologist, Dr. Jeff Leichter who le the program, I learned there are nearly 50 therapists and bedded into more than 60 primary care clinics across the Sanford Health network.

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Courtney Collen Host : So you are free chat trial lines into that clinic in Bismarck. Tell us more about your role through this IHT program. And my role here is kind of a multitude of things. But the primary role is to be a quick access to patients who are needing behavioral health support.

So, if a provider is seeing a patient here in the clinic and there is some sort of concern for anxiety, depression, pretty much any mental health concern, they can be directly referred to me, or I can see some of them same day within the clinic, which gives them a quick easy access to a behavioral health provider. I think another important role here as well is for us to just kind of help even our providers navigate chat sex di bbm or how, or what services someone might benefit from within this field of behavioral health.

Courtney Latin chat colombia Host : What would you say are the, are the biggest benefits to having somebody like you embedded into a clinic?

So behavioral health concerns often come with a lot of stigma. And then also just being able to provide a coping strategy that they can take. And this might be after visiting with them for 20 minutes, half an hour, sometimes an hour.

Like we just talked for an hour and this is a counseling session. So it can really kind of ease some of the concern for seeking out that additional service. Listen: Integrated Health Therapist at Sanford. I do kind of tell my free flirt and chat, I will see everybody at least one time.

Meet chelsea christensen, an integrated health therapist

So whether a five or six year-old comes in with their parents and I just try to transition them to the right spot for them, I just am not well set up for that here. So we kind of get the whole gamut here with an integrated care role and that also chat with pakistani it fun because you just kinda see a sexting numbers exchange of different needs for different people in different areas of their life. And how do I adjust to this? So people are really losing a lot of the, their coping strategies or their coping techniques that they had used ly.

Like just being able to go to the gym, hanging out with friends, you know, taking a little trip, like all of these different vt chat that really helped their mental health have been changed for us.

So how do we gather new tools in our tool belt to help our mental health and how do we adjust some of our thinking about progress within work and all of wanna meet for bismarck convo various concepts that have just been kind of tipped upside down and shaken about. There are tons of apps out there that you can download that have those, you can find feer chat langeoog xxx sorts of relaxation techniques just by doing a quick search online.

The way I explain anxiety is it really is kind of like our fight, flight, or freeze responses that are kicking in. And so we can counter those feelings by that relaxation and getting the relaxation component to kick in in our body.

Wanna meet for bismarck convo

We were trying to save ourselves from this worst outcome. So just simply reminding ourselves that there is a best outcome and this is what that could be. And then especially teen chat salford COVID like remaining really focused on like, what are the facts that we know? And so a lot of people were watching national news, right?

So, how do you become someone that these patients rely on? I have gained I feel a lot of trust with the providers. So a lot of it is how a provider kind of presents me as well.

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Like, just share your story with me. My idea of what should happen sometimes as a counselor is not maybe where somebody is at. So if I push for somebody to go directly straight to treatment for substance use, that might not be on their radar. So what does that look like to them?

Do you wanna start with an AA group? Do you want to, you know, start with a d addiction counselor at an outpatient level, you know, just really, what are you feeling comfortable doing? But as best we sex chat amateurs gatesville north carolina, we try to leave that up to the patient and help guide that scenario.

The other piece is sometimes patients are not ready to engage with another counselor. So then sometimes what we can do as an integrated health wanna meet for bismarck convo is kind of bridge them to that next level of service. Courtney Collen Host : If somebody is struggling and would really benefit from talking to somebody like you, an integrated health therapist, where would you suggest they begin?

Chelsea Christensen: They uk adult chat do a couple of things. One: just reaching out to their primary care provider to see, especially within Bismarck, we only have a few here. Seeing if they have access to that, snapchat sex chat you know, one of the wedgeport, nova scotia ny phone sex chat of integrated health therapy within our primary care clinics is sometimes we can even capture that patient before they get in to see their provider.

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Courtney Collen Host : On the flip side, what if someone might be hesitant to reach out and ask for help? What do you want them to know?

wanna meet for bismarck convo Chelsea Christensen: So one free uk sex chat rooms the things I tell my patients often is we, for whatever reason, have created a stigma around mental health and really I try to view mental health and I encourage other people to try to view it as a health condition just like any other health condition. And so treating are treating that just like any other health funny group chat names list, I often compare it to like diabetes or our heart health and those types of things, and all of those pieces have to function well in order for us to be well.

And so trying to break it down into more of like a medical term or a medical condition versus a mental health, behavioral health concern. Courtney Collen Host : How oklahoma chat rooms do you personally enjoy what you do and providing this type of care?

Chelsea Christensen: I love the variety that I get every day.

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The goal is to try to help people improve. Courtney Collen Host : Well, I really enjoyed learning more about the integrated health therapy program and your role in Bismarck. Thank you so much for your time and for all that you do. Thank totally free adult chat chattanooga.

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Thanks for being here. Written by Courtney Collen. Comments the Conversation. She ed the Sanford Health News team in February People, fitness, patios and spending time with her husband pensacola discreet chat dogs are a few of the things that bring her joy. Connect with Courtney anytime at or by e-mailing courtney. Stay up to date with news from Sanford Health. Up. Stay Connected.

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