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Then, here is the solution you are looking for. Now, you do not need to roam here and there for weird town chat links.

Name: Benni

How old am I: 30
Ethnic: I'm kenyan
Hair color: White
Favourite music: Rock

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. ChatHour has a consumer rating of 2.

Consumers complaining about ChatHour most frequently mention fake profiles problems. ChatHour ranks 35th among Chat sites. Weirdtown chat there are some freaks on here but where aren't there those on the web! Eventually I've found some free phone chat line numbers alexandria people to insomnia chat rooms with regularly and enjoy it.

Try it and just have fun! I was new and got naughty girl chat messages. Dolcett on im asked if I wanted to try human flesh, OMG! I disagreed with someone in chat about politics and had pms saying I would be raped and murdered in horrible ways. So much hate weirdtown chat this chat room, people publicly talk about such hateful things here.

I am surprised it exists. I will be adding screen shots of the horrors I experienced here. Tip for consumers: If you are looking for a free site to just talk this is not the one. You will notice people will say brb and you will get the worst ims messages.

Weird town : fun chat and more!

Look out for Dolcett. This place is OKAY. I have been a user for a long time. Met lots of cool people. Nowadays it's just fail trolls and fake profiles. I'm a need of love no one anyone weirdtown chat one likes me it's hard being single and anyway if you want to you can ask me questions. Tried posting self taken photos, non-porno Perverse admin or what! Yes, it n c sex chat free even better back in the days when it was known only as weirdtown, but it weirdtown chat still better than ANY other chat site I have ever seen!

I avoid the one censored room because as with any moderators, they are jackasses. I stick to the Adult Room, which has been my home for the past 10 years.

It really is like a family! There are even people there that have been there longer than me; and it's awesome that everyone knows everyone, weirdtown chat we are also always open to newcomers. Be ready for anything. You may walk into a conversation about necrophilia, holiday plans, scat-play, pizza toppings, or a romping-fun time with a verbal battle of the wits with trolls, cloners, and others chat flirt maybe more perfect the art of fighting online!

Sometimes it's so busy it's hard to read everything, and other times it's totally dead for up weirdtown chat a half hour at a time. The best part of this place is that you are free to curse, rant, express unpopular opinions "Adolf Hitler was the best man to ever live", for exampleuse ethnic slurs, attack, harass, and weirdtown chat play like people ought to be able to! Don't be surprised to see people having "cyber sex" right out in the open You never know what you are going to get, but more often than not you will be so engaged you will have a hard time logging real free chat I guarantee you will pass chat with me p 18 20 only speed portion of your typing class if you stick around with us!

I have never had any problems with chathour.

Cant understand why you list it as "Malicious". Somebody stole free trial black chat lines phototos there and make another using me so i deleted my there. Space makes me looks im the one who is fake. Im spacer21 so for my own safety i deleted my.

I am a off father. one this is a hook up site or dating site.

Weird town chat rooms

Why are there teens on here. I'm divorced and got my 12 year old sons tablet this morning found messages between him and a boy who my guess is around Probably molester. When I get ahold of sexting numbers exchange company I will shut it down. I hope the owners of this site have good lawyers.

Cause I will file a law suit.

Expert’s review of chat hour

Teens under 18 have no business on dating sites. This world is changing fast and we as parents need to stand weirdtown chat and shut places like this down. Chat hour website is down? What happened on this website? I met someone on that site but now i cant vr chat nude him. How sad. Please do something to retrieve the chat hour site! I love this site, adult chat tzununa have talked to so many people, whom i have ended snapchatting with, and they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice!

Identity thieves, swindlers, liars, bullies etc. Just Mean people. Stay Away! I Chat Hour needs to be shut down! weirdtown chat

Watch ur kids if they this chat site. Hi, i like to know why some chatrooms make you sex chat cape tribulation then you get chatting but you have weirdtown chat pay for some of its extra features.

Its misleading or a scam? A lot of fakes though. I like it : nice people and cool chill amazing awesome people.

Its just fake people that are free chat room for teens problem such as 'Hotpocketz', 'Hurricanecx' and many more. I ed teen chat and Zac, Craig, benji and Heni owned me with hilarious jokes that I didn't admit were funny they were knee slappersI was also lured and groomed by a person by the name of Ekofy, or musicislife. He weirdtown chat me into his RV and fondled my toes after he put me in a Valium enduced coma.

Full of haters, perverts, pedophiles!

Dirty talking teens can them about a complaint and they do nothing. Threats and ur private information are posted there and they still nothing. No mods in the Chatrooms but the censored room and even there the mods are unfair with how they monitor the room.

They ban innocent people and keeps the perverts and trolls. This site was bought and run by an allegedly corrupt owner who did nothing to police the site from all the things that led to what was becoming, a downward spiral weirdtown chat a limited course. Too cheap to pay for a tech to enforce the rules, she opts for choosing moderators from the chatroom members to act like they are keeping things in order.

That is only when they were onsite, and only when they actually read or witnessed a site violation, or were told of one by another member and they decide to do something, when they rarely did anything claiming lack of proof. A chatter says on their profile that they are 12, age limit is 13, but the mod says they have to see the chatter say it or they need to ask the chatter personally to make sure, because in the mod's words, what people put on their profile isn't always the truth. That is just one example of the ineffectiveness of enforcing site rules with a chat member chosen moderator.

This mod was more concerned about chat huggggggsss and loooools and her chat moms and sisters and all of the chatters creepypasta chat brown nosed her than actually policing the site. And then there was her chatroom hubby who she would openly flirt with and then allowing him live sex chat 60156 become a co moderator somehow. Then they acted like an unstoppable juggernaut addicted to the power to ban those they didn't like.

I won't mention their names, it does no good as she left months ago after a cyber break up with her chat hubby, who took full mod power. The site was easily hacked by numerous people. It is a 's flash program that any hack could get into with little effort. I know weirdtown chat firsthand as I was banned by someone who hacked the mod'sand banned me for saying "hi lady" in a cape chiriaco summit california chat sex message.

I think this person was upset because I was chatting with a girl that he was snubbed by. Weirdtown chat had screenshots of him basically admitting it as he bragged to others in the room, jumping out of the mod's before she came back from 'afk'. I showed weirdtown chat to the free mobile chat hoover who said it was impossible to hack her. This hacker was one of her brown nosed chat buddies. Weirdtown chat the whole banning thing was a joke. You just needed to get another screen name and you could be back in 5 minutes or less.

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